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Help Haley Rose: PLEASE HELP HALEY ROSE! [TW: Hate crime, homophobia, transmisogyny, violence, imprisonment, torture, rape]






[TW: Hate crime, homophobia, transmisogyny, violence, imprisonment, torture, rape]

Recently, I was walking with my fiance to a nearby convenience store at night. I live in an area where sexual harassment is more or less constant when I venture outside, particularly when it’s dark. As I rounded the corner, I was sexually harassed by a random man standing on the corner. I fired my stun gun into the air to make him leave us alone before we walked into the light of the store.

We made our purchases and as we were leaving, a large man said something transmisogynistic and misgendering to my fiance. I corrected him and continued walking without even glancing his way. He then proceeded to follow us out the door, using hate speech and calling me an ugly dyke. He made it clear that he intended to fight us so I took my stun gun and, for the first time, used it on someone. Unfortunately, the stun gun had little effect and I was knocked to the ground and beaten. When I stood up again I had a large gash under my eye and was bleeding profusely.

An ambulance was called, I was taken to the hospital, and there I was cuffed to a gurney and put under arrest. Yes, you heard right… I was arrested for defending myself and my fiance with a stun gun against a man who was bigger than both of us combined and had been using hate speech and indicating he wanted to hurt us because of our sexual orientation, appearance, and trans status.

I’m not going to go through all the details of what happened because it’s too traumatic but I ended up being taken to jail where they found out I had changed my name and gender marker. Upon discovering this, they immediately decided to put me in with the men. When I pointed out my gender marker was legally changed, I was told “the only documentation needed was between [my] legs.”

You heard me right, they were putting ME in the men’s section of the jail. I asked them, “don’t you have to obey the law as well?” They responded by slamming the door on my cell shut.

I immediately demanded solitary confinement and continuously asked for my phone calls. Despite the fact that I was brought there at dawn and was supposed to get three calls in the first three hours, they took the entire day to process me and I only got ONE phone call (just barely) after the sun had gone down. The entire time, as I was being processed, they made sure to label my holding cells with signs reading “MALE,” despite the fact that others did not receive the same treatment. I was kept on display like a sideshow for sherifs, inmates, and other people being processed to gawk at. At one point a sherif told me I “freaked [him] the fuck out.”

When I was finally taken out of my cell to start processing, I started to cry. Upon noticing this, the sheriff said, “Seriously? You’re crying? If you start crying I’m going to send you to the back of the line and start you all over again.”

I was stripped naked and searched then walked to a solitary confinement cell. As I entered the room leading to my cell, the men began banging on their doors and yelling about raping me… This was also when I got my only phone call, during which I had to plug one ear to drown out the sound of their threats.

During my short stay in jail, I tried to kill myself at least 6 times. Despite my asking for help from the psychologist on staff and despite the fact that my fiance had called the jail and informed them I needed to be on suicide watch, they took me OFF suicide watch and refused to give me any help, or my regular medication. I didn’t even get a fucking toothbrush.

I was finally bailed out after a couple of days when my loved ones discovered that the jail was going to put me into general population despite me demanding solitary confinement for my safety… They actually WANTED me to get raped.

Since getting out, I’ve had a lot of issues to deal with. I’m seriously traumatized, very afraid, generally depressed, extremely anxious, and am suffering from flashbacks. I checked myself into a mental hospital for a bit and have found some real strength in dealing with these horrifying events and unbearable violations of my rights. I’m actually starting to conquer depressive tendencies which have been present throughout my life and am changing behaviors which feed this disease.

Unfortunately, because of the state I’m in (as well as the scar healing on my face), I’ve been unable to work. Additionally, hardship after hardship has been piled on top of this already heaping helping of bullshit.

These events have also been extremely taxing on my fiance and have brought up a lot of old issues, repressed memories, and nightmares. We’re trying to get her a regular therapist but therapy is expensive (or if it’s free, the wait list is a mile long).

So, I’m asking for help. I’ve waited a long time before talking publicly about this and asking for assistance, but it’s time to talk and I truly need help. If there’s anything you can donate to help myself and my fiance out, we would greatly appreciate it.

Please donate if you can, we’re desperate and traumatized and every dollar helps.

Signal boosts are appreciated.

Thank you,
Haley Rose

TL;DR: I’ve been the victim of a hate crime and then had my rights severely violated. Please help by donating and signal boosting if you can.

PLEASE donate if you can and share.

Signal boosting

Im gonna advise caution with this.

The plea comes at the end of a heart-wrenching and enraging story which taps into an experience far too many people can personally identify with.

But for all its evocation of awful things, its very scant on detail. It doesn’t give a country, locality or city. (SF as it turns out, google-fu!) It gives no date, not even a vague ‘Month/Year’.

A little google searching reveals only two things; A Facebook page (whose photographs are consistent) but that appears to have no postings pre-dating the plea over this incident.

I could find absolutely no coverage of the incident in local press or LGBT media. And I have a hard time imagining this wouldn’t light a fire under the ass of every LGBTQSA in California.

This isn’t to say it never happened, nor that Haley is undeserving of sympathy and support.

But an awful story scant on details and a plea for money is a classic scam.

Of course there’s no news media coverage, this happens to trans women all the time, to the point of murder—yes, Haley is a survivor—and do you hear about that shit on the news ever?? No, cuz trans women arent the cis gay kids that make all the liberal hearts bleed. Plus, this shit’s really recent.

Haley Rose is a popular model and amazing human that I’ve had the blessing to speak with and ask for support. You dont think (open court case, danger of retaliation, etc) that there’s a SINGLE REASON why some details might be left out here???

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