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Okay, so there’s a wide variety of genitals out there. Here is a very simplistic chart of a spectrum genitals can fall on.

Basically the clitoris and the penis are the exact same thing, very similar anatomy. Doctors will define it as a clitoris or penis depending on 1. if it has a urethra going through it and 2. it’s size. The diagram is the one they use to decide if they want to call the baby a girl or boy or intersex. Many babies are put through genital surgeries (sometimes without the parent’s knowledge or permission) to make them look more like a penis or more like a vulva which can cause many health problems as it is a surgery, or other problems related to being assigned a gender. Any kind of surgery that isn’t necessary for health should not be performed on babies because they cannot consent.

i wish there were people talking about this before i was born, but the damage is done already

The Hurdles Faced Being A Trans Woman of Color


trigger warning: mentions of sexual & physical violence,  transmisogynoir

This is so incredible to have three Black trans women talk about their experiences with transmisogynoir, police profiling, and trans community erasing their Blackness. Like!! On national television?? This is HUGE.

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